Casadei Busellato's advanced training and education programs are designed to bring your company its greatest efficiency and ensure the highest care and output of your machinery purchase. We take  great pride in extending our expertise and knowledge to your employees

We understand that proper training is key to your successful start-up in production. 

The goal of our training program is:

  • Teach operators how to safely operate the machine
  • Provide a solid foundation upon which the programmer can grow and utilize the basic programming skills
  • Give the operator/maintenance employee an overview of the diagnostics capabilities of the software so they can use their knowledge to maximize the efficiency of the machine.

Our training class is composed of one company per class to cover your specific product. We send a training questionnaire asking the background and education level of each employee attending so that our class can be customized to meet your needs. In addition to training at our Greensboro facility, our technicians spend time during the installation of your equipment covering any programming and maintenance questions you may have. 

Please click here to contact our office to schedule training or for information on upcoming training classes.