Surface planer

PF 52

The PF 52 surface planer meets the requirements of carpenters and the most demanding companies.



Reliability: The worktables can be adjusted by means of parallelogram shaped connecting rods which allow perfect parallel adjustment of the tables and guarantees a constant distance between these and the cutter block, at any cutting depth. This solution eliminates machining defects caused by vibrations, even with heavy stock removal.
Flexibility: The very long, ribbed, cast iron worktables allow perfect straightening of very long parts. Tiltable planing fence for any type of machining.
Ergonomics: Ergonomically positioned control panel at the front of the machine, easily accessible by the operator.

Technical data

Cutter block diameter/no. knives 120/4 mm
Max. stock removal 8 mm
Useful working width 520 mm
Total length of surface tables 2720 mm
Planing fence tiltable 90°÷45° 1200 x 190 mm
Motor power at 50 Hz (S6-40%) 5 kW / 7 Hp
Motor power at 60 Hz (S6-40%) 6 kW / 8 Hp



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