CNC Bore and Dowel Inserters


The Omal Velox 1300 is an essential component for any shop that wants to implement dowel construction. The Omal will horizontally bore, glue and dowel parts as they are removed from the unloading area of the Busellato CNC Router.  With the standard measurement laser* there is no need to scan bar codes to call up the program and no chance for the operator to click on the wrong program.  The labor-savings that dowel construction offers in assembly is undisputed and now Omal cuts milling labor as well.  Place the Omal near the unloading area of the Busellato and the operator can manage both machines.  Add the Casadei edgebander and you have a complete fabrication cell that can be run with one or two people!



*How does the measurement laser work?

The measurement laser works together with a program that contains conditional (if-then) statements that executes a boring pattern based on the part size.  The operator places the part against the reference point, presses the foot pedal and that’s it.  The laser checks the part size, updates the dimension in the program and the appropriate boring pattern is executed.  The program is configurable by you and will mimic the boring pattern for end panels typically set up in your cabinet design program.  You might need two dowels for parts between 3” and 6” wide, 4 dowels for tops and bottoms between 11” and 13” wide and so forth.  Now the operator can manage unloading the CNC and, depending on throughput, even run the edgebander.

Technical data

  • 49” / 1300mm work zone with left, right and central reference points
  • Bore, glue and dowel unit with vibratory dowel bowl is set up standard for 8mm dowels
  • Four pneumatic clamps engaged by foot pedal to securely hold the part during operation
  • High pressure glue injection system insures a no-drip glue or water delivery system with electronic control of nozzle open time
  • Touch screen control with easy-to-use software for machine operation and programming

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